Ryan Jackson Columbine Label

Employee Spotlight: Ryan Jackson

Keeping busy with business development

Ryan Jackson, much like his sister Rachel, has printing in his blood. It should come as no surprise as both are the offspring of Greg Jackson, CEO of Columbine Label Company. While Rachel serves as vice president of operations, Ryan is vice president of business development.

It’s a role that suits him well. Ryan cut his teeth in the family business as an “odd jobs” employee during high school and over the summer break from college at Kansas State where he earned his degree in business management. Prior to joining Columbine Label in April 2021, he served as an outside sales representative in Florida and Georgia for a material supplier for four years.

Past experience meets future opportunities

“I’m working in all different areas of the business right now to find ways to be more efficient and develop new business opportunities,” Ryan explains. “In my previous job, I visited nearly every print organization in Florida which gave me a greater understanding of how people run their business.” He gives credit for his own management style to his former boss and, of course, his father.

Ryan sees great potential in shrink sleeves to keep up with the craft beer demand and other businesses with products in bottles and cans. “We’re working on bringing the latest and greatest to our shrink sleeve line,” he notes. “We are focusing on printing, seeming, and application all in-house, which not a lot of other printers can do.”

The perks of working with family

For Ryan, working with his father and sister is a plus. “It’s nice to have people you can depend on professionally that you also have a personal relationship with.” He admits it’s not always easy, but says they typically have a good time together. “We definitely have similar mannerisms.” Ryan also enjoys working with the extended Columbine Label family, many of whom have worked for the company for 20 years and he’s known since he was a child.

Setting and meeting expectations

Ryan is committed to continually providing the quality and service his father has built over the last two decades. “Our goal is to deliver a quality product in a timely manner that meets our customers’ expectations. We place a big emphasis on doing what we say we’re going to do.” It’s a family tradition that Ryan looks to continue for many years to come.