Custom food labels; Food label printing

Label material matters. 

Custom food labels must be carefully matched to end-use requirements, often requiring performance across a range of temperatures (hot-fill, frozen foods), handling options and uniquely shaped containers. If not, labels can wrinkle upon application or lift when product is on a retail shelf escalating costs and brand damage. We spend time up-front to smartly select adhesive and materials so that the final “on-shelf” and “in-home” performance of your products is flawless upon application to get it right the first time.

Custom food labels

FDA Compliance

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines provide direction on label size, placement and required food label information. Understanding and following these additional food label requirements are essential to avoiding delays and unnecessary costs.

Custom Food Labels Application Examples

Custom Food Labels - Barbecue or Hot Sauce

Barbecue or Hot Sauce

In the crowded field of barbecue and hot sauces, your bottle’s label has great sway. Consistent color, straight label placement and the durability to withstand shipping and storage are essential labeling requirements.

Custom food labels - Honey


This sweet food product has a lot of special label requirements. Consider that honey containers are squeezable, have a novelty shape and inevitably have honey dripped on the bottle’s label. Our experience in labeling honey products is your advantage.

Custom Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeve

Food manufacturers are embracing the 360-degree super-sleek look of shrink sleeve labels that conform snugly to the shape of your container.  Our shrink sleeve capability provides a premium looking label option that stands out on the crowded shelf.

Custom food labels - salsa


The salsa market is popular, highly competitive and regionally defined by Texas salsa, New Mexico salsa and even salsa from New York City. To help sell salsa products, we focus on precision color matching, correct application and if the product is hot-filled, on the proper adhesive.

How we can help

Columbine Label has a rich heritage successfully working with a variety of food manufacturers. We understand the specific performance requirements of custom food labels and will put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.   We pride ourselves on thorough communication and commitments made – and stand behind our word.

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