Craft Beer Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves printed AND applied are available for your small-batch craft beer!

Craft breweries are on the move! Craft brewers are agile, they switch up flavors and styles all the time. That ability to experiment and bring new flavors to the market is one reason we LOVE craft beer! But, that agility comes with its own set of unique challenges, one of which can be can labeling.

For so long, shrink sleeves have been unattainable because of order minimums and lead times. Not anymore! Low order minimums and quick turn-times are available from Columbine Label for all your small-batch craft beer shrink sleeve needs! Now that’s a #SharpDressedCan

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Lead Time

10 business days after proof approval

Need something sooner? Craft Beer Labels might be right for you, typical lead time is 3 business days from art approval.

Order Minimums

1,000 Shrink Sleeve Minimum

Order quantity can be made up of multiple SKUs (versions) if the following criteria are met.

  1. The shrink sleeves are all the same size i.e. all 12oz or all 16oz etc.
  2.  The seam is in the same location on each version

Available Sizing

Standard: 12oz, 16oz, 32oz, 568ml, and 750ml aluminum can

Additional sizing can be accommodated with
a one-time tooling purchase.

Tommy Knocker Blood Orange IPA Small Batch Craft Beer Shrink Sleeve

Rocky Mountain Soda Sparkling CBD Black Cherry Small Batch Craft Beer Shrink Sleeve

Breckenridge Brewery Rails End Bruz Bros Small Batch Craft Beer Shrink Sleeve

Rails End Small Batch Craft Beer Shrink Sleeve

Gingi's Craft Cocktails Small Batch Craft Beer Shrink Sleeve

Small Batch, No Problem

Take your cans to the next level with custom printed and steam tunnel applied shrink sleeves. We have the sizing, lead times, and experience that you need while still allowing for batches as low as 1000 prints! Still have questions? check out our FAQ below or feel free to give us a call!

Layflat is how wide the shrink sleeve is after it is printed and seamed. It is measured in mm and is the measurement used to determine how big around the shrink sleeve needs to be. Actual layflat will be determined during proofing by our prepress department. Approximate layflat can be determined by taking half of the sum of the circumference of the container + approximately 10mm (to allow for ease of application).

Cut Height is the print height + 2mm of clear space above and below the print.

In order for a shrink sleeve to be automatically applied it needs to be fed through the applicator. Inside the applicator is the bullet, the shrink sleeve is fed over the bullet. This is what opens up the sleeve so that it can be cut to the proper length and shot onto the container passing under the applicator. There are two components to a bullet. 1. The layflat. 2. Cut height. For the applicator to work on a container both elements need to be correct.

Yes! We want you to be happy with the final product so we would in fact recommend and sometimes will require a prototype to be made. Only one SKU typically needs to be prototyped.

Prototypes will be printed, seamed, and applied to the customer containers for customer approval of the final look. Press proofs are printed and sent for approval without die cutting or application.

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