flexible packaging for brad b jammin


When considering a flexible packaging product determining product compatibility is very important. Is your product a solid, semi-solid or a liquid? Do you have specific requirements for moisture resistance or oxygen permeability? What machine are you using to seal your product? Our label experts can help you through these considerations to make sure the flexible packaging we deliver is ideal for your product!

Flexible Packaging Application Types

Many industries use this type of packaging for their products. Industries can vary from food, to beauty, to supplements, and more. The examples below are not all-inclusive of the ways in which this packaging type can be used!

flexible packaging small pouches

white flexible package lids

Try ripple stick pack flexible packaging

How we can help

Columbine Label has a rich heritage successfully working with a variety of industries. We understand differing needs and will put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.   We pride ourselves on thorough communication and commitments made – and stand behind our word.