Custom product labels printed by columbine label
Custom product labels printed by columbine label

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Labels

At Columbine Label, We Make What You Make Get Purchased!

How your merchandise is labeled communicates a lot to your customers. You can elevate your brand to new heights with expertly-crafted, fully-customizable product labels. The team at Columbine Label has been printing custom labels for over 35 years. We do what we say we’ll do with every set of labels we produce. You’ll understand why there’s no better label than one produced by Columbine Label after your first print run with us.

Custom Labels for Unique Products

Investing in high-quality custom labels is a smart decision for your business. A well-designed and high-quality product label helps your products stand out and leaves a positive impression on your customers. The right product label will also improve product communication with purchasers and guarantee consistent branding.

You want a unique and eye-catching label that elevates your brand’s image, instills confidence in your customers, and stands up to the conditions in which your product is used. You also don’t want to trust just anyone with this job—you want to choose a product label company who focuses on quality and takes as much pride in their work as you do.

When you partner with Columbine Label, your products will stand out on the shelves and leave a lasting impression on your consumers. We stand behind our products 100%, and if your labels are not correct due to our error, we will make it right.

We stand behind our products 100%

If your custom labels are incorrect due to our error, we will make it right by reprinting and delivering the order at no additional charge. One more reason to make us your label printing company.

A man in the office is sitting by the work desk and analyzing what color combination will be perfect for the product's new label ordered at Columbine Label in Denver.

What You’ll Get With Every Order

Fast Turnaround

We typically provide a quick 3-6 day turn time, after proof approval, on our custom label printing.

Dedicated Rep

Our dedicated team of label experts work with you to make each of your product label projects a success.

Quality Materials

We maintain a large selection of product label materials in stock so you can select an option that gives you the look and feel you want and the performance you need for your brand.

Color Consistency

Our state-of-the-art equipment, meticulous maintenance practices, and commitment to quality control, ensure high-quality product labels with excellent color consistency no matter how many custom labels we print.


Quality Index

(June 2024 Measured Since 2009)

4.9 Stars from Online Reviews

(as of June 2024)


Early/On-Time Shipments

(June 2024 Measured since 2016)

Fantastic Labels With Every Run

Your product has a story, and your custom label is your storyteller. There’s no room for error, and there certainly isn’t time for late shipments or a lack of customer support.

Whether you are running a minimum order or asking us to print thousands of custom labels, your story matters to us. Work with Columbine Label—we get it right the first time, on time, every time!

Say “Goodbye” to these Problems Forever

Poor Fit or Label Performance

A slight taper in a container can cause a world of problems when applying your custom labels to your merchandise. We know you don’t have time to mess around and deal with errors like this. Luckily, our experienced team helps you skip over that headache by ensuring your containers have a product label that fits just right!

Late Shipments

We know how much a late shipment can impact your business. We have continuously measured and monitored our product label shipment times since 2016. We are proud to say 92.60% of Columbine Label shipments go out early or on time!

Inconsistent Color

“Color drift,” or inconsistencies in color, is one of the most significant issues in printing. We use the first run of your product labels as a comparison tool for all future runs. When necessary, we will also print and obtain your approval on a Press Proof. This ensures your custom labels look consistent run after run, year after year.

Lack of Customer Support

At Columbine Label, we provide a dedicated sales representative that cares about getting you the right product label for your merchandise. Our small team picks up the phone and provides answers to your account questions. We work with everything from large companies to high-end, lower-volume businesses, and each customer gets the same VIP treatment.

Custom Labels for Every Industry

Columbine Label is equipped to print custom labels for nearly every industry, but these are a few of the sectors where we really shine: food, beverage, health, and beauty.

Crafting custom labels within these sectors necessitates not only creativity and precision but also an in-depth understanding of the unique requirements packaging for these products commands.

Our team’s experience in navigating the intricacies of these industries ensures that every label meets the highest quality standards while also embodying each product’s identity and purpose.


If you’ve seen it on a grocery store shelf, it’s likely in our wheelhouse. We understand that your custom labels need to work with your packaging methods, hot fill, cold fill, and blast freezer. Having the right experience to know the right materials matters.


Let us help you create the perfect product label for your bottles, cans, kegs, or tap handles. We offer labels, shrink sleeves, and keg collars that withstand challenging environments and look great doing it.


Health industry products need the same custom design for different SKUs, bar codes, or QR codes. We help you integrate variable information and offer combo pricing for multiple SKUs. This ensures high quality product labels at incredible prices.


Your beauty products require custom labels that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. We will work together to get your products off the shelves and into customers’ homes where we know they will make a difference.

Our Promise to You



At Columbine Label, we hold ourselves to the highest standard for delivering results and satisfying our customers. We focus on attention to detail with every run of custom labels, clear communication with our clients, and exhibiting honesty and respect. We show up on time and lead by example in everything we do.


Commitment to Excellence

Our team demonstrates extraordinary execution with every step of the custom label creation process. We deal with change, challenge, and uncertainty and practice a continuous improvement philosophy. We are committed to being the best possible custom label company.



At Columbine Label, we enjoy the journey and each other. We know our strengths within the custom label industry and are willing to admit our mistakes. We don’t have a hidden agenda and are always open and transparent throughout the label-printing process. We maintain a positive attitude and know how to laugh.


Do What We Say We Will Do

We demonstrate integrity and reliability. We’re innovative and collaborative. We care about our customers and treat them exactly how we’d like to be treated. Our business continually focuses on improvement. When you partner with our custom label company, you can trust that we will do what we say we’ll do.

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What our clients are saying

“Columbine is so quick to turnaround. And if there’s an issue, they’re Johnny-on-the-spot to fix it. And their prices are really outstanding. So based on these three things, it’s pretty much a set deal.”

Cindy G.

“Label Companies call all the time and want to show me their stuff. I don’t even look at them. I don’t shop labels. We’ve got that kind of relationship with Columbine Label. They are my oldest vendor. We have been with them forever and probably will e forever. I have no reason to look anywhere else. They’ve always taken really good care of us.”


“Columbine Label made miracles happen so I could launch my product on time. Barefoot Homestead will forever be indebted and thankful to their amazing team.”

Barefoot Homestead

“Columbine approached us, and we gave them an opportunity. We looked at some of their pricing ad some of their offerings, and it all looked really good. We gave them a chance, and they basically in na short amount of time, won 100% of our business.”

Eye Five

“I just wanted to let you know how wonderful everything looks!! It was like Christmas opening all the boxes this morning and having “show and tell” with my team:). The colors were gorgeous and the detail was perfect in the printing! I am so pleased with our total experience! We will absolutely be coming to you for all of our labels!”

GameTime Snacks

“Columbine Label’s price was much better than the price of labels I ordered from an internet company. And they provided a label that actually word on the contour bottle. The service has been wonderful.”

Rick M.
BBQ Sauces and Rubs

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Custom Labels Blog

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At Columbine Label, we offer a variety of product label options. We recommend using our custom quote form to explain your product to us so our team of label experts can recommend the best product label type for you.

Many people use the terms “sticker” and “label” interchangeably. However, our custom labels are printed on rolls or sheeted with the liner intact. Labels are meant to sell a product in a retail environment, whereas stickers are typically printed and die cut through the liner and are for promotional purposes. In other words, stickers say something and labels sell something. While we are happy to accept custom label orders of sizes starting at 250 labels, we do not offer printing options for stickers that do not have the liner intact.

Our label printing company and team utilize two different printing technologies for our custom labels: digital printing and flexographic printing. Each method works well for specific scenarios, and we will help you determine which printing technology is best for your project before we start running your labels.

Digital printing involves transferring digital files directly to the press, which then applies ink or toner onto various substrates to produce sharp and vibrant images. This technology offers easy art or text edits, fast turnaround times, precise color reproduction, and the ability to print custom labels on demand, making it ideal for high quality, low volume product manufacturers and retailers.

Flexographic printing involves a flexible relief plate that is coated with ink and pressed onto a variety of label substrates. It provides high-speed production and excellent ink transfer. This printing technology is widely used in a variety of industries. It is great for longer runs, projects that are cut through the liner (like tag stock keg collars), and a variety of specialty projects that cannot be done digitally.

We use a wide variety of label materials, and each one serves a unique purpose. Our most commonly used materials include biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), tight mandrel, vinyl, digital wine stock, and tag stock. Columbine Label is also proud to offer recycled and eco-friendly stocks. See our sustainability page.

Yes, our custom labels can be printed in a variety of shapes and sizes.

You can fill out an online quote request, call us toll-free at (866) 610-0804, or email customer support to obtain a quote.

When you contact us, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • The quantity of labels you want
  • How many versions of the product label you need
  • What you will apply the labels to (plastic squeezable bottle, aluminum can, etc.)
  • Whether you will apply the labels by hand or with a machine
  • The environment your custom labels will live in

You will also be asked to send in your art, regardless of whether it is print ready or not, so we can advise on your project needs.

Because of our standard operating procedures, our minimum order quantity is 250 custom labels.

Yes, we offer bulk discounts for large orders of custom labels.

Columbine Label can absolutely run batches of custom labels with variable data.

It’s our goal to print high-quality product labels you are satisfied with, and our track record speaks for itself. However, if you are unhappy with your custom labels because of an error on our part, we will make it right by reprinting and delivering your labels at no charge.

We can typically produce orders within 3 to 5 business days. However, we cannot guarantee shipping times since that is determined by the shipping carrier.

UPS is our preferred carrier, but larger orders (over 150 pounds) can ship LTL. Additionally, local companies can also choose to pick up label orders or request them to be sent via courier (additional charges).

Please note: Shipping charges are additional and may show up as a second credit card charge.

Columbine Label specializes in the printing of high-quality product labels with a quick turnaround. While we can do quick text changes and small items like bar codes, our pre-press department is very busy and unavailable for full service design work. Give us a call and we can recommend a few graphic designers that are familiar with creating art that will work well with label printing processes.

Acceptable file types: AI files (Adobe Illustrator) with “create PDF compatible file” enabled when saving the file, PDFs. Art files should be a single page only. Do not submit a multi-page file (if you cannot separate your art, please email the art to your Columbine Label representative).

Check here for additional artwork guidelines.

Columbine Label does not guarantee label designs comply with FDA label requirements.
However, you can access the FDA label requirements online and download them.