Rocker Vodka bottle and nicely decorated pink cocktail on a wooden counter.

Admit it.

You’ve purchased a craft beer, bottle of wine or even a bottle of water-based on the label. So have we, and lots of other consumers. That’s why your custom beverage labels must be flawless. We get it. Our breadth of face stock options and finishes — including gloss, matte, foil, hot stamped, metallic-effect, and tactile materials – give you numerous choices to achieve the look you want. With precise color matching and consistency, an accurately sized and balanced label placement, your product will stand out in a sea of choice.

Gold, silver, and spiced rum with attractive bottle labels made by Columbine Label.

Beverage Label Functionality

Custom Beverage labels need to withstand moisture, varying temperatures and friction during shipping, handling and consumer use. Additionally, we must enable beverage labels for lot code printing and private labeling. In the case of water bottles and milk bottles, your beverage label must stand up to a flexible container, requiring proper label material choice.

Custom Beverage Labels Applications: A Few Examples

(we have more, call us if you don’t see yours here)

Custom-made black label on a glass beer bottle.

Craft Beer Labels

Label design, color matching, unique materials and bottle application and alignment all work together to create beer labels that get noticed.  For performance, beer labels must use adhesives to stay on the bottle in varying temperature, humidity (including ice coolers) and abrasive handling conditions. Coatings help add protection against scuffing and moisture while providing a glossy or matte appearance that helps colors pop.

Natural mineral water in a plastic bottle labeled by Columbine Label Co.

Custom Bottle Labels: Craft Soda and Water

All-natural sodas have a brand flair and personality that needs to be reflected in appropriate label material selection. For example, custom-crafted, artisanal “All-Natural” sodas are highly distinctive and need to be labeled as such.  Bottled waters and soda waters often utilize a clear, clean label look that communicates the purity of the product while enduring the typical rugged conditions that bottled waters endure.

Two wine bottles decorated by colorful labels.

Custom Wine Labels

Aisle after aisle of wine bottles demand that a full quality wine label helps your product standout in a sea of similarity. Your label drives consumer selection. Attention-getting wine labels often employ multiple color designs – like vineyard scenes, requiring precise color matching and consistency (our eight-color printing presses produce amazing quality). Manufacturers often select premium paper or foils and create unique die-cut designs to craft novel labels. Functionally, curved wine bottles require the proper adhesive match to keep the wine label exactly where it should be.

An elegantly designed label decorates a square bottle of black spirit.

Liquor Labels (Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Etc)

Artisanal beverages distinguish craft distilleries; their beverages and product labels reflect their unique character.  Creating high quality labels on distinguished materials is our craft.

Sparkling CBD Ginger Ale can with shrink sleeve designed by Columbine Label Inc.

Shrink sleeve

Beverage labeling with shrink sleeves is a hot trend and for good reason, the 360-degree, sleek and classy look that seamlessly conforms to the shape of your container. Durability and resistance to moisture and abrasion are added benefits that help beverage labels remain stunning. We’ve got shrink sleeve labels, please call us to learn more.

How we can help 

At Columbine Label we make it our business to understand the specific needs of the beverage industry. Our long-standing beverage experience encompasses volume and craft beer maker labels, beer keg collars, wine companies, bottled water suppliers and dairies.