Embossed Labels

This process adds texture and dimension to a specific element on your product’s label by raising the lettering or graphic image. You can emboss any design or words on your label to make it stand out, perhaps your logo or product name. This specialty label printing process provides a richness that enhances the look of your product’s label – and the tactile feel of your label.

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Superior Service

When choosing specialty process labels, you can expect expert, helpful, responsive, and personal service throughout the process.

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Blind or Printed Embossed Labels

The process of embossing raises the material substrate into a shape, word, or graphic. This can be registered to something that is printed on the label or it can be done directly into the substrate. When there is no ink aligned with the emboss, this is called blind embossing.

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How we can help

At Columbine Label, our custom materials and know-how will help you optimize your labels to make them beautiful, durable, and functional in a variety of challenging conditions. In this highly competitive market, the quality of your product is reflected in the quality of your packaging, and that’s where our custom embossed labels help the most!