Shrink Sleeves


Shrink Sleeves

If you like super-sleek container-hugging labels with 360-degree graphics, then shrink labels might be for you. These film labels are eye-catching, vibrant and provide excellent scuff resistance, tamper evidence and moisture resistance to stay stunning throughout the life of your product. Shrink sleeve labels work with a host of container shapes and sizes. As an added benefit, shrink sleeve labels enhance the recyclability and reusability of the product containers because there is no adhesive present.

At Columbine Label, our shrink sleeve capabilities are making labels that help our customers market their products on-the-shelf more effectively. We can provide a head-turning, elegant and premium looking shrink sleeve label that stands out on the shelf and retains its look during handling and use.

Shrink Sleeve Application Types


Food products have embraced shrink sleeve as a sleeve, 360-degree labeling option that conforms to the shape of the container


Stand Out on the Shelf with Quality Beverage Labels (Beer, Wine, Distilled Spirits)


At Columbine Label, our custom materials and know-how will help you optimize your labels to make them beautiful, durable and functional in a variety of challenging conditions.