Label Applications

Custom Waterproof Stickers and Label Printing

Most of our customers requiring a “waterproof” label for their products are looking for a label that can withstand moist conditions like condensation. This includes refrigerated and frozen food products, bath and body products, and labels on products intended for outdoor use.
Waterproof labels are most often printed on film because it provides the moisture barrier required to protect the adhesive, material and ink. This keeps your product label looking its best while the product is stored in the shower, in the refrigerator, or outside in the rain.

  • Retains its integrity when exposed to condensation
  • Won’t tear
  • Won’t fade
  • Won’t fall off or peel off

Our “waterproof” labels are created to withstand specific elements and limited conditions. (Most consumer products do not require fully waterproof labels able to withstand extreme conditions.)
Our sales and service representative will ask lots of questions about your product in order to recommend the right waterproof label and adhesive for you. In fact, our customers often tell us they appreciate our problem-solving attitude, expertise, and “can do” customer service.
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