Multiple SKUs (varying dosages of same product).

Many health products come in various dosages or sizes. To get the same custom health label look and design for different SKUs / bar codes, we help you integrate variable information/bar code printing and offer combined pricing on multiple SKUs. This ensures you can use the same quality label design across a family of products that differ in dosage or size.

Extended text labels.

When text information is greater than label real estate, you need extended text label options. This can provide an extra layer of label that can be peeled back to reveal additional space/text needed to include ingredients or instructions, to meet the requirements for consumer health and safety.

FDA Compliance

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines provide direction on label size, placement and required food label information. Understanding and following these additional food label requirements are essential to avoiding delays and unnecessary costs.

Custom Health Labels: A Few Examples


The pursuit of healthy living has made this a popular product category. Nutraceuticals are food products that provide medicinal benefits and there are plenty of them. Labels must convey essential information, be durable to retain label integrity and help products stand out on a crowded shelf, all while being FDA compliant.

Dietary supplements

Vitamins and dietary supplements are typically packaged in smaller containers and must contain vital information on durable labels that are also FDA compliant. Extended text labels and laminated or film labels with a tight mandrel adhesive are often used to label dietary supplements. Print quality and materials are key to help products get noticed on a busy shelf containing products.

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves provide durability and tamper-resistance for health products. Seamless, attention-getting labels also utilize 360-degrees and the full package surface area, making shrink sleeves a great choice in health labels.

Energy powders/boosters

From green superfood powders to protein powders and energy-boosting products, this category has a breadth of product options.  Labels must be informational, accurate, durable and attention-getting.  Containers come in a variety of sizes and often allow for enough real estate to both inform consumers and attract attention while being FDA compliant.

CBD products

Medicinal CBD products use the non-psychoactive component of cannabis.  Labels for these products must comply with FDA regulations and contain producer name, CBD levels, size (if edible), and be durable to withstand product use.  Some labels can incorporate tamper-evidence into the packaging. CBD labels are often the primary way to market these products, so attractive labels with consistent, high quality print is a must.

How we can help

Columbine Label has invested in state-of-the-art print technology, materials, products and processes to meet your health labeling needs. Together with our capabilities, Columbine Label provides expertise, responsiveness and personalized service. All while making your health product stand out.

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