When We Say Custom Labels, We Mean Custom Labels

With thousands of variations in shapes, sizes, and materials, our custom label printing makes your product stand out on the shelf and get purchased! No matter your industry, we have the expertise to print fully customized, durable, and attractive labels.

Three bottles of Honeyville spirits products featuring creative labels created by Columbine Label Company.

Custom Materials

Labels can be ordered on various material stocks, including, but not limited to, white, metallic, clear, holographic, wine stocks, and vinyl.

Custom-labeled bottle of Das Gut Hot Sauce, surrounded by organic garlic and habanero peppers on a wooden table.

Custom Finish

We provide both laminate and varnish finish options. Both top coating types are available in glossy, matte, or imprintable finishes to suit your specific product needs.

Custom Rolls

Our labels can be either finished on rolls or finished in sheets. Furthermore, you decide how many labels are on a roll or sheet and the direction they peel off the sheet or roll.

Custom Shape

A label can be printed perfectly and still look bad if the fit isn’t right. Because fit is important, all our labels are measured to fit your containers perfectly.

Ready to Print Your Best Custom Labels Yet?

Choose Custom Labels That Fit Your Product

We recognize that every product is unique, so its label should be, too. Our diverse materials allow you to select the perfect label for your product requirements. We’ve got you covered, from weather-resistant labels for outdoor use to premium finishes for luxury items. Our custom labels are designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring that your brand image remains intact and your products are reliably identifiable.

Three cans of TommyKnocker craft beer in a ice cold stream.

Durable Labels

Ideal For: Food Packaging, Bottles, Health & Beauty Products

Most customers who request a “waterproof” label are looking for a durable custom label that can withstand condensation, cool temperatures, or direct contact with water. We offer various durable options that ensure your custom labels handle moisture, temperature changes, and friction. Also, our specialized custom label printing process ensures these durable labels look great from when they hit the shelves until they’re in your customers’ hands.

Embossed Labels

Ideal For: Liquor bottles, Products that need a “high-end look”

Embossed labels include a raised design or text element created by stamping the label with a flatbed die. This can be done with foil or ink behind the embossed area or as a blind emboss applied directly to the raw materials. Embossing adds texture and dimension to custom labels. By embossing words or designs onto your labels, you can uniquely help your product stand out from the competition.

Laws Whiskey bottles with embossed custom labels in a cellar surrounded by wooden barrels.
A unique bottle of Rocker Whiskey proudly presents its new hot stamp foil custom label created by Columbine Label.

Foil Stamped Labels

Ideal For: Wine and spirit labels, tobacco products, luxury goods

Foil-stamped labels provide a wide range of exciting metallic, holographic, and special pattern additions you can add to your custom labels. Also known as “hot stamping,” foil-stamped custom label printing uses a heated flat die to press or stamp the graphic into the substrate. We can produce foil-stamped labels in any color you can imagine. This is a great way to catch a potential customer’s eye and appeal to their senses.

Extended Text Labels

Ideal For: Lip balm, hand sanitizer, other health and beauty products

Extended text labels are a perfect solution when text real estate is limited but you want to share lots of information with your customers. These “peel and reveal” custom labels help you fulfill regulatory requirements like drug facts and ingredient lists without taking away from your logo and other eye-catching aspects of your product packaging. Products such as hand sanitizer, lip balm, or other health or beauty supplies often use this technology to get the most out of a small label size.

Orange lip balm label created by Columbine Label Company.

Ready to Print Your Custom Labels?

Digital and Flexographic Custom Label Printing

Custom label printing isn’t just about choosing the best materials but also selecting the right printing process based on your needs. The Columbine Label Company offers digital and flexographic custom label printing options. Each method offers unique benefits, and we will ensure your labels come out right every single time. One of the label experts at Columbine Label will evaluate your project and determine which printing technology is right for your product.

HP WS 6800 Digital Printing Technology offers producing sharp and vibrant images for best quality labels.

Digitally Printed Custom Labels

Digitally printed labels offer economical options with consistent, high-quality color matching. It’s the best option for smaller print runs and labels with multiple variations, like hot sauces with different spice levels or uniquely scented cosmetic products.

The digital labels produced at Columbine Label are printed on state-of-the-art digital printing equipment. We ensure consistent color matching with either our 4-color (4CP) and 6-color (6CP) processes, along with a short lead time (typically 3-5 business days).

With digital custom label printing, you also can choose from a large selection of label materials.

A flexographic printer is used by Columbine Label to make the highest quality labels.

Flexographic Custom Label Printing

We recommend flexographic printing if your label printing job requires large quantities or two-sided printing. This method of custom label printing runs at high speeds and provides a broader choice of ink options. Also, flexographic printing uses environmentally friendly water-based inks, making it a great choice for companies who care about our planet.

Our flexographic label printing is done in-house, meaning we control the print quality, color matching, and delivery schedule. Also, you can choose whether you want your labels in stacks or rolls, giving you a greater variety of finish options.

Custom Label Printing Frequently Asked Questions

Because of our standard operating procedures, our minimum order quantity is 250 custom labels.

We use various materials for our custom label printing, each serving a unique purpose. Our most commonly used materials include biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), tight mandrel, vinyl, digital wine stock, tag stock, and many more. One of our label experts can help you select the best material for your product.

We can perform digital and flexographic printing for any custom labels.

We offer laminate and varnish finish options.

Yes, we offer all of these custom label printing options. We look forward to working with you to determine which options make the most sense for your products.

Unfortunately, we do not apply labels directly to your products. However, we will work with you to ensure our labels will work with your application equipment.

Yes, we can handle orders with variable information.

Once we have your artwork on file, please contact us via email or phone call to place an order for more custom labels.

Yes, we have an assortment of responsibly sourced materials and label papers made from recycled materials. Please ask about these materials during the quote process.

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