Custom Cannabis Labels

Cannabis is a rapidly growing industry in Colorado, and increasingly in other states as well. Because of legal restrictions on cannabis, many business owners face several regulatory challenges. Cannabis labels are an essential part of being compliant with state regulations. These labels are not only important for compliance with legal regulations, but also for providing important information such as potency, dosage, and safety warnings. In addition to this, cannabis labels serve as a powerful branding tool, helping to differentiate products in an ever increasingly competitive market. Labels must meet strict requirements while maintaining eye-catching designs that resonate with consumers.

Cannabis labels

 Small batches with professional quality labels

Small batches – no worries!  You can still get professional quality, marketing-appropriate labels and use variable information printing in an open lamination area to include different batch information.

THC labels

Custom Medical & Recreational Cannabis Labels

Cannabis labels that stick. Labels that peel off, especially on a retail shelf, create regulatory and merchandising issues that can escalate into financial losses and brand damage. That’s because any product that contains THC must have labels that convey required, track-able information (text, bar codes, consecutive numbering) and act as sophisticated branding and marketing vehicles. Right material selection equals right performance and the right look to ensure no edge lifting –especially on tight mandrel cannabis containers – and beautiful labels.

Labels for Edibles, Oils, Topicals and More

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Popular cannabis edibles are brownies, cookies, chocolates, honey, cannabutter, and candy. Cannabis products must be labeled properly to ensure consumers are informed about the contents to prevent unintended use.  Labeling requirements for the primary panel should include a universal symbol recognizing the contents of the product and the dosage, while the information panel will include additional required information. Your Cannabis Edible label communicates your brand and keeps your consumers safe.

Cannabis Oils

Cannabis oil labels are critical in communicating information to your buyer. Knowledgeable buyers are looking for branded products; most importantly they want to know the concentration of CBD (in mg) in your product, and if there is a presence of solvents/toxins.  Oils tend to be tough on label materials, thus proper selection of the right material (oil-resistant face-stocks, topcoat / laminate and adhesive) is important when labeling your cannabis oil products so your buyer will remain informed.

Cannabis Topicals

For cannabis topicals, you are typically speaking to various consumer demographics. Your product needs a professional and durable label material that communicates to the need of each consumer type while staying in compliance with regulations. Cannabis Topicals fall under current FDA guidelines and are subject to the same rules and regulations.  Label material selection for cannabis topicals is key to ensuring proper performance and endurance through to end-use.

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Columbine Label understands the specific needs of the dynamic and evolving cannabis market and provides a host of properly performing products to meet your cannabis labeling needs. Our hallmarks of consistent color management and on-time delivery together with our cannabis label expertise ensures you get exactly what you need.

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