Custom Product Labels For Your Unique Needs

eye-catching product labels with the constant pursuit of cost-effective solutions for your business. At The Columbine Label Company, we understand these unique challenges and offer various product labeling solutions to meet virtually any company’s needs. Whichever custom product label options and materials you choose, we will ensure your items stand out on the shelves.

Product Labels

Regardless of your product’s size or intended use, we can provide custom product labels that help them stand out from the competition. Our product labels can be printed on various material stocks, such as white, metallic, clear, holographic, and vinyl.

Custom shrink sleeve labels from The Columbine Label Company.

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves are sleek, container-hugging labels that provide 360 degrees of graphics and text. These vibrant, scuff-resistant custom product labels enhance the reusability and recyclability of your product containers.

A custom label is applied to the packaging of the Caliper Swiftsticks.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is a printed film that serves as a product’s label and packaging. These unique product labels diminish landfill waste and prolong the lifespan of your goods while also providing critical product information to your customers.

Bronx Pale Ale keg collar designed by Columbine Label.

Product Tags

Since adhesive labels aren’t always feasible for certain product containers, we offer custom product tags as an alternative label type. Our tag stock labels are made of thick card stock paper material without adhesive backing and are often paired with thermal transfer varnish or lamination.

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Product Labels for (Most) Retail Industries

At Columbine Label, we can print custom labels for various companies and industries. Our markets range from beer to car care to makeup to supplements. We even printed custom product labels for a few camel milk companies! It is likely up our alley if it is sold in a consumer retail environment!

Don’t see your industry? That doesn’t mean we don’t work with your product type. Give us a call or reach out online; we would love to be your new label provider.

Food Labels

Specialties Include: salsa, honey, barbecue & hot sauces

Food product labels need to catch the eyes of your customers and withstand the demands of their end-use requirements. Most food merchandise needs a durable product label that can adhere to uniquely shaped containers, withstand temperatures, and remain intact after long-term handling. Our dedicated customer service team will take time to fully understand your products and recommend the best product labeling choices to ensure you select product label shapes, materials, and finishes to best match your merchandise.

Beverage Labels

Specialties Include: water bottles, craft sodas & beers, wines, liquors

Many consumers choose beverages like craft beers, liquors, wines, or even water solely because of the attractive label on the bottle. Therefore, you need flawless and attractive custom product labels for the beverages you sell. Columbine Label offers numerous face stock options and finishes—including gloss, matte, foil, hot stamped, metallic-effect, and tactile materials – so you can achieve the look you want for your beverage brand. Your product will stand out with precise color matching, consistency, and an accurately sized and balanced label placement.

Cosmetic products on a table surrounded by flowers.

Health Labels

Specialties Include: nutraceuticals supplements, CBD, energy & protein powders

Information and aesthetics are key for health product labels. Whether you are selling wellness supplements or protein powders, you need custom product labels that look attractive and provide the information required to meet industry compliance regulations. Whether you desire embellishments like foil stamping and embossing or need additional real estate with extended text labels, Columbine Label can provide an ideal solution for your merchandise.

Bath & Beauty Labels

Specialties Include: lip balm, soaps, bath products

Beauty product labels must endure humid bathroom conditions or the wear and tear of remaining in a purse without fading, smudging, or deterioration. In most cases, it’s all about choosing the right face stock and adhesive — concepts not all product labeling companies understand. Luckily, Columbine Label has the industry experience and extensive product knowledge necessary to provide custom product label recommendations for any bath and beauty merchandise you may sell.

An assortment of custom-labeled honey and lavender beauty products displayed on a tiled floor.

We’re The Authority in Product Label Printing

Since 1988, The Columbine Label Company, Inc. has made it our mission to elevate your merchandise through superior product labeling. Our Denver-based business makes expertly crafted, fully customizable product labels for any package and industry. We stand behind our products 100% and will make it right if your labels are incorrect due to our error.

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Our Commitment to You

Columbine Label isn’t just a label printing company — we’re problem solvers dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals. When you partner with us, we promise to deliver high-quality product labels every single time.

A man in the office is sitting by the work desk and analyzing what color combination will be perfect for the product's new label ordered at Columbine Label in Denver.
A man in the office is sitting by the work desk and analyzing what color combination will be perfect for the product's new label ordered at Columbine Label in Denver.

What You’ll Get With Every Order

Fast Turnaround

At Columbine Label, we know that time is money for businesses that sell physical goods. Therefore, our typical turnaround time is just three to five business days (after proof approval) for most of our product label printing jobs.

Color Consistency

We follow a proven label printing process to prevent color drift and other printing inconsistencies. We maintain digital proofs and coated and uncoated samples from our first print run. We then compare each print run to the first-run samples to ensure color consistency each time we print custom product labels for you.

Quality Materials

We know that product labeling is just as much about appearance as functionality. Because of this, we maintain a wide variety of product label materials so you can select an option that gives you the look and feel you want and the performance your products require based on their end-use scenario.

Dedicated Sales Rep

One of the things that sets Columbine Label apart from other Denver label printing companies is our customer service team. Our dedicated sales representatives are available to discuss your projects and are always up to speed on your business and relationship with us. Whether your company is big or small, you matter to us.

Digital and Flexographic Product Label Printing

Product label printing doesn’t just involve choosing the best materials and adhesive and requires the manufacturer to use the proper printing process. At Columbine Label, we offer both digital and flexographic printing options for our custom product labels. When you contact us to receive a custom quote, one of our label printing experts will determine which printing technology makes the most sense for your project.

HP WS 6800 Digital Printing Technology offers producing sharp and vibrant images for best quality labels.

Digital Product Label Printing

Digitally printed labels offer economical options with consistent, high-quality color matching. It’s the best option for smaller print runs and labels with multiple variations, like hot sauces with different spice levels or uniquely scented cosmetic products.

The digital labels produced at Columbine Label are printed on state-of-the-art digital printing equipment. We ensure consistent color matching with either our 4-color (4CP) and 6-color (6CP) processes, along with a short lead time (typically 3-5 business days).

With digital custom label printing, you can also choose from many label materials.

A flexographic printer is used by Columbine Label to make the highest quality labels.

Flexographic Product Label Printing

We recommend flexographic printing if your label printing job requires large quantities or two-sided printing. This method of custom label printing runs at high speeds and provides a broader choice of ink options. Also, flexographic printing uses environmentally friendly water-based inks, making it an excellent choice for companies who care about our planet.

Our flexographic label printing is done in-house, meaning we control the print quality, color matching, and delivery schedule. You can also choose whether you want your labels in stacks or rolls, giving you a greater variety of finish options.

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Custom Means Custom

Custom printed labels mean having a label that is the size, shape, color, material, and finish that is specific to your brand. And don’t worry, custom doesn’t mean expensive.

bright yellow green label icon

Custom Materials

Labels can be ordered on a variety of material stocks including, but not limited to white, metallic, clear, holographic, wine stock, and vinyl.

bright green Custom Finishes Matte or Glossy icon

Custom Finish

A label’s finish will be determined both by the desired look and also by the required function. We provide both laminate and varnish finish options. Both top coating types are available in glossy, matte, or imprintable finishes to suit your specific product needs.

bright green Custom Unwind, Rolls and Sheeting icon

Custom Rolls

Our labels can be either finished on rolls or finished in sheets. Rolls are great whether you are hand applying or using a label applicator and are the most common choice for customers. Rolls and sheets are just as custom as the label, you decide how many labels are on a roll or sheet, as well as, the specific direction that your labels come off of the roll or sheet.

bright green Custom Label Shape icon

Custom Shape

A label can be printed to perfection and still look cheap if the fit isn’t right. Because fit is so important, all of our labels are measured to fit your containers perfectly.

More on Labels

Our Guarantee: We stand behind our products 100% – If your labels are not correct due to our error, we will make it right by reprinting and delivering the order at no charge.

an image of a Domino CEI Digital Label Printing Press

Digitally Printed Labels

Digitally printed labels offer economical options with consistent, high-quality color matching Digital Printing

The digital labels produced at Columbine Label are printed on state-of-the-art digital printing equipment.
In general, Digital printing is the best option for smaller print runs, or if you have labels with several variations, for example, different types of hot sauce or different cosmetic formulas.

Benefits of Digital Printing:

  • More economical for smaller print runs or jobs with multiple versions.
  • High-quality graphics with vibrant colors.
  • Consistent color matching
  • Both 4-color (4CP) and 6-color (6CP) processes are available.
  • Short lead time (typically 3-5 business days).
  • Large selection of label materials available.
  • Variable data, including consecutive numbers and personalization.

an image of a Mark Any 2200 Flexographic Printing Press

Flexographic Printed Labels

If your label printing job requires large quantities or two-sided printing, like coupon labels, we’ll likely suggest Flexographic printing.Our label printing is done in-house, so we control the print quality, color matching and delivery schedule. Flexographic printing also uses water-based, environmentally friendly inks.

Benefits of Flexogrpahic Printing

  • High speeds – economical choice for large runs.
  • Broader choice of ink options.
  • Options including clamshell labeling and one-sided or two-sided options for printing coupons.
  • Environmentally friendly water based inks.

whiskey bottle with embossed label

Embossed Labels

By raising the lettering or graphic image on your product’s label, embossing adds texture and dimension. You can emboss any design or words on your label to make it stand out, perhaps your logo or product name.

Benefits of Embossed Labels:

  • Enhanced product appearance
  • High end look
  • Tactile feel

whiskey bottles with custom foils tamp labels

Foil Stamped Labels

Also known as “Hot Stamping”, foil-stamped labels are the answer to making products stand out on the shelf! This method offers a wide range of exciting metallic, special pattern, and holographic labels.

Studies suggest that your product has 3-7 seconds to convert that shopper from a browser to a buyer. You only have a few seconds to catch their eye and appeal to their senses!

Benefits of Foil Stamp Labels:

  • Enhanced product appearance
  • Add vibrancy
  • High-end feel


  • An array of metallic shades
  • Iridescent shades
  • Holographic patterns
  • Clear holographic pearl or tint shade

suitcase with many stickers and labels

different custom printed coupon labels

Coupon and Extended Text Labels

Coupon labels are a multi-layer construction designed to be an instant redeemable coupon (IRC) or a takeaway coupon (for example, rebates)

Extended text labels are the perfect solution for products with smaller packaging as well as products that must provide government-mandated information. You can overcome space constraints with peel and reveal labels. Consumers can peel back the main label to read product ingredients and government mandated drug facts. Or include something fun, like a recipe!

Consumers can peel the top layer of the extended text label to read information underneath. Then, because we use a special adhesive, the label can be repositioned and re-adhered.

Custom Printed Labels Gallery

At Columbine Label

We know you need custom product labels that not only look great but communicate your high brand quality. Our ability to help you make decisions on label size, shape, and material sets us apart from our competition. We proudly stand behind the products that we make. We promise to be clear communicators and to do our best to win your business again and again by delivering on our commitments to you!

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