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Hot Stamp/Foil Stamp

Hot stamping/foil stamping is a process that is used to create a metallic effect on a non-metallic material, such as a wine stock. This process uses a heated flat die to press or stamp the graphic into the substrate – hence the name Hot Stamp. Hot stamps come in any color foil you can imagine!

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Embossed labels have a raised design or text element that is created by stamping the label with a flatbed die. Embossing adds a texture element to labels. This can be done with foil or ink behind the embossed area or simply on the raw material – referred to as a blind emboss.

Flexible packaging stick pack specialty printing

Flexible Packaging

We provide flexible packaging options for products such as stick packs, small pouches, or heat-sealed lids. This packaging type is lightweight and adaptable to your product. Often self-contained and convenient for customers to take on the go!

Extended Text specialty printing

Extended Text

When you have a lot of information and not a lot of space, extended text labels might be right for your product. Products such as hand sanitizer, lip balm, or other health or beauty supplies often use this technology to get the most out of a small label size.

Specialty Process Quote