Tags are used as identification when an adhesive is not needed or feasible to use. Applications include meat and produce packaging inserts, shelf talkers and keg collars in both removable and non-adhesive options:

Tag Application Types

Pressure Sensitive Keg Collars

We have specially designed the shape of our Keg Collars to universally fit over the tap of a keg. Adhesive keg collars have removable adhesive, follow TTB guidelines, and easily removes.

Non Pressure Sensitive Keg Collars

All our keg collars use the same specially designed shape that universally fits over the tap of a keg. Non-Pressure Sensitive keg collars do not have adhesive.

Other Tags

Synthetic materials, and films and other papers without adhesive are also available. Uses include safe handling instructions for meat and poultry, clam shells, and inserts