label printing frequently asked questions

Digital Printing is the process of sending jobs to the press via a digital file. Columbine Label’s digital press equipment includes the HP Indigo and Domino/BossJet Hybrid. Some advantages of digital printing are low waste and minimal setup which helps in keeping cost structure low and assists in environmental stewardship.

Get in touch with us and our representatives will get out a label quote specific to your Company’s needs. In addition to the quantity, the number of colors, and stock, we will ask questions like:
What will your label be applied to?
How will you be applying your labels?
What environments will the label be in?
and many more.

Phone: (303) 788-1504 or Toll Free: (1-866) 610-0804
or fill out a quote request online

A label with smaller dimensions can fit more cavities within a space than a larger label can in the same space. Since the cost of the die is based on the total length of all lines, the smaller label will take more time to lase. The upside is the cost of a custom die-cut only applies to the first order and, moving forward, your smaller labels are usually less expensive to produce than larger labels.

Columbine Label specializes in the printing of high-quality labels with a quick turn-around. This keeps our pre-press department very busy and unavailable for design work. Give us a call and we can recommend a few graphic designers that are familiar with creating art that will work well with label printing processes.

Creating a die-line is not difficult.
Information you will need is the actual width, length, and corner radius.

In Adobe Illustrator:
Select Rectangle Tool & click once on the page
Enter dimensions (width and length)
Effect/Stylize/Round Corners (enter corner radius)

Click here for additional artwork guidelines

Acceptable file types: AI files (Adobe Illustrator) with “create PDF compatible file” enabled when saving the file, PDFs. Art files should be a single page only. Do not submit a multi-page file (if you cannot separate your art, please email the art to your Columbine Label representative).

Check here for additional artwork guidelines

When printing on clear films, foils, colored, and metalized stocks, white ink is an additional color that can be used in the design, or as an element to help graphics stand out. NOTE: White ink is not necessary when printing on white paper or film.

In Illustrator, create a new layer above the art layer and call it “White“.
Open the Swatches window and create a new swatch. The build that we use is C=20, M=0, Y=0, K=0. Name the new swatch “White” and be sure to make it a spot color. In your White Layer, apply the new White Spot Color to all the elements that you want to print in White.
>More help on building a white layer<

For metallic elements, just apply that same White Spot Color to it and change the tint to 0%. Also, be sure to set all the objects on your white layer to Overprint in the Attributes window.

Click here for additional art guidelines

UPS is the carrier used by Columbine Label Company.
Larger orders (over 150 pounds) can ship LTL.

Local companies can also choose to pick up label orders or request them to be sent via courier (additional charges).

Shipping charges are additional and may show up as a second credit card charge.

Columbine Label does not guarantee label designs comply with FDA label requirements.
However, please click to be directed to a page where the FDA label requirements are available for download.