art guidelines

Artwork Requirements


All images should be a minimum of 300 ppi (pixels per inch) at 100%.

Color Mode

Art files should be in CMYK color mode. If your art is RGB, please convert them to CMYK before submitting.


Art files should have a dieline. The dieline should have a spot color applied called “Dieline”.

Bleed/Safe Zones

All label printing art must have a bleed of .0625″ on all sides. Art must also have a minimum safe zone of .0625″ inside the trim on all sides (text and art objects should be at least .0625″ away from the trim on all sides to ensure that text/objects do not get trimmed off or into during die-cutting.

White Ink or Foils/Emboss Files

All label art printing on metallic or clear substrates should have a separate white layer above the art layer specifying content that will print with white ink. The white content should also have a spot color applied called “White”. Similarly, files that are going to be embossed or foil stamped should be marked with the spot color “Foil” or “Emboss”.

Accepted Files

Acceptable file types: AI files (Adobe Illustrator) with “create PDF compatible file” enabled when saving the file, PDFs. Art files should be a single page only. Do not submit a multi-page file (if you cannot separate your art, please email the art to your Columbine Label representative).

Artwork Template

Following these art guidelines will help ensure the seamless production of your labels. The label printing artwork template shown below can be used as a reference. If these guidelines are used correctly, it will ensure that there are minimal delays with the production of your label.