Custom Foil Stamped Labels

At Columbine Label, we have state-of-the-art, in-house capabilities to include hot foil stamped labels. A foil stamp, also known as a hot stamp is a printing process that is used to create a metallic effect on non-metallic material, such as wine stock. This process uses a heated flatbed die to press or “stamp” the graphic into the substrate. Hot stamps are available in any color including clear to give a spot varnish appearance.

Leopold Bros Gin hot stamped label


Proctor & Gamble published an article a number of years ago regarding The First Moment of Truth (FMOT). This idea contends that you have 3-7 seconds after a consumer sees your product on the shelf to convert that shopper from a browser to a buyer. You only have a few seconds to catch their eye and appeal to their senses! This is why we’re so excited about eye-catching foil-stamped labels – because this label could increase your sales.

Care Garden CBD Hot Stamped labels

A True Stand Out

A foil stamping label will enhance your product’s appearance, add vibrancy and make it stand out in those first critical seconds. Foil stamping gives your label – and your product – a standout, high-end feel. Think about using this vibrant technique to launch a new product or mark an anniversary. Perhaps highlight your logo or other critical messaging to capture the buyer’s attention.

The metallic, iridescent, and holographic effects cannot be achieved in a normal printing process. To get these effects, you’ll need to work with a quality-oriented label printing company, with the right equipment to do the job right and at a reasonable cost, like Columbine Label. Plus, with Columbine Label, you can expect expert, helpful, responsive, and personal service.

No, Seriously, Any Color Foil Stamp

We partner with Infinity Foil, a company that specializes in this type of product. They provide a massive catalog of hot stamp and digital foils that are compatible with our processes here at Columbine.

This includes but is not limited to:

  1. An array of metallic shades
  2. Iridescent shades
  3. Holographic paterns
  4. Clear – same effect as spot varnish

foil catalog

How we can help

At Columbine Label, our custom materials and know-how will help you optimize your labels to make them beautiful, durable, and functional in a variety of challenging conditions. In this highly competitive market, the quality of your product is reflected in the quality of your packaging, and that’s where our custom hot stamped labels help the most.

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