Do These Common Label Printing Problems Sound Too Familiar?

Color Inconsistencies

Have you noticed changes in your logo or color mismatches between labels from different runs? Color drift is a common issue businesses face when they partner with low-quality label printing companies.

Poor Fit or Performance

When you pay for custom label printing, you expect to receive labels that meet your needs. Unfortunately, not all printers take your container and intended use into account. This leads to labels that either don’t fit or last.

Product Labeling on a Budget: Strategies for Small Businesses and Startups

Shipment Delays

Late or missed label shipments aren’t just frustrating — they delay your entire product production process. This leads to inventory issues, unhappy customers, and missed sales. This snowball effect can severely hurt your bottom line.

Lack of Customer Support

Do you feel like you talk to people who don’t know or care about your company whenever you call your current label printing service? It’s frustrating when vendors aren’t invested in your business.

Discover Why Columbine Label is a Superior Denver Label Printing Company

Label Printing Designed to Solve Common Problems

Columbine Label isn’t just a label printing company — we’re problem solvers dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals. Thanks to our decades of industry experience, we know the common label printing problems our customers face, and we have the solutions you need to ensure your labels look great every single time we print them.

Color Quality Process

We ensure issues like color drift and other printing inconsistencies don’t happen by following a proven label printing process. We do this by creating a digital proof and when necessary a press proof that is approved, by you, before your production run. During our first production run we keep coated (finished product with lamination or varnish) and uncoated samples, we use this, along with the original approved proof, to compare to all future runs. This ensures your labels look the same run after run, no matter how many years pass.

Personalized Guidance

We know that every detail matters when it comes to custom label printing. Our experienced team spends time getting to know you and your products before you place your first order with us. By asking essential questions about your products, the containers you place them in, and their intended use, we can avoid fit and performance issues and ensure you have the right labels printed on the right material every single time.

Delivery Promises

We constantly monitor shipment times to ensure we meet or exceed expectations. We are proud to say that over 90% of all Columbine Label shipments leave us early or on time. This means your labels arrive on time so you can meet your production deadlines and customer expectations.

Dedicated Sales Representatives

One of the things that sets Columbine Label apart from other Denver label printing companies is our customer service team. Our dedicated sales representatives are available to discuss your projects and are always up-to-speed on your business and your relationship with us. Whether your company is big or small, you matter to us.

Custom Label Printing Options

Luna Gourmet Coffee introduces its new label.


Optimizing labels for each application is essential, as they serve as the ultimate marketing vehicle for your product. With a plethora of face stock types, laminates/topcoats, adhesives, and label application types, we can help you transform your label’s form and function through fully customized label printing.

Custom labeled CBD wellness product Synergy Soak.

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeve labels are sleek, streamlined, vibrant, and contour-hugging beauties that provide a 360-degree label look integrated with the container. Because the adhesive is not used, shrink-sleeve labels are easily removed and therefore easily recyclable. Shrink sleeve labels are popular across many markets and application types.

Tripel Ale beer keg collar printed by Columbine Label.


Adhesive is not always necessary or feasible when labeling products. Items like keg collars, shelf talkers, meat, and produce packaging inserts require tags that are not only durable but also stand out. We offer options for paper tags, synthetic films, and customized adhesive-backed tags to meet any application need.

Label designed by Columbine Label Company for 37 grams of Peanut Butter Cookie Dough.

Flexible Packaging

Food, dairy, health, and beauty products often use flexible packaging to protect products, reduce landfill volume, and extend shelf life. Labeling considerations include ingredients (liquid or solid), sound or light barriers, product use, desired look (white, silver, clear), and how the product will be sealed.

A bottle of Leopold Bros American Whiskey with vintage label made by Columbine Label.

Specialty Printing

We are proud to offer nearly endless possibilities for custom label printing! Options include embossing, hot stamp/foil stamp, flexible packaging, extended text, and more. Tell us about your label project, and we’ll help you create a specialty or custom label tailor-made for your product.

Let Us Help You With Your Custom Label Printing

Industries Our Custom Label Printing Services Work Well For

Sliced mango, avocado, tortilla chips, and an open jar of mango lime salsa served at a table.


Columbine Label has successfully worked with food manufacturers for years. We understand the specific performance requirements of custom food labels and will use our knowledge and expertise to ensure your labels exceed your expectations.

Big B's custom bottle labels created by Columbine Label.


At Columbine Label, we are well-versed in the specific needs of the beverage industry. Our long-standing beverage experience includes label printing for volume and craft beer makers, wine companies, bottled water suppliers and dairies.


We have the state-of-the-art label printing technology, materials, products, and processes needed to meet your health product label needs. Features like extended text labels, embossing, and foil stamping are all possible with Columbine Label.

An assortment of custom-labeled honey and lavender beauty products displayed on a tiled floor.

Bath & Beauty

In a competitive industry, you need labels that help you stand out. Our label printing technology can help you create cosmetic and beauty labels that are beautiful, durable, and functional, regardless of the way your products will be used.

Digital and Flexographic Label Printing Services

Label printing isn’t just about choosing the best materials but also selecting the right printing process based on your needs. The Columbine Label Company offers digital and flexographic custom-label printing options. Each method offers unique benefits, and we will choose the best label printing method for your job based on various factors.

HP WS 6800 Digital Printing Technology offers producing sharp and vibrant images for best quality labels.

Digital Label Printing

Digital label printing provides cost-effective solutions with reliable and precise color matching. This method is well-suited for smaller print runs and labels featuring variations, such as hot sauces with different spice levels or distinctively scented cosmetic products.

Columbine Label uses cutting-edge digital label printing equipment, ensuring consistent color matching through our 4-color (4CP) and 6-color (6CP) processes. We also offer a short turnaround time, typically 3 to 5 business days.

A flexographic printer is used by Columbine Label to make the highest quality labels.

Flexographic Label Printing

We typically utilize flexographic printing if your label printing project involves substantial quantities or two-sided printing. This custom label printing method operates at high speeds and offers a wider range of ink choices.

Our in-house flexographic label printing services ensure we control print quality, color consistency, and delivery timelines. Moreover, you can decide whether you prefer your labels in stacks or rolls, providing various finishing options.

Custom Printing

Labels, Tags, Shrink Sleeves, and Flexible Packaging


We stand behind our products 100% – If your labels are not correct due to our error, we will make it right by reprinting and delivering the order at no charge.