Get that “green” look for your product labels with renewal hemp labels created by Columbine Label.

Hemp Labels – Sustainable, Renewable

The Look of Renewable Hemp Labels

Renewable Hemp label material is a stunning smooth texture paper that, by design, has a natural appearance. The earthy tone of the paper provides the “green” look, while the hemp fibers provide a random speckle appearance.

The construction of a hemp label is a 60# paper made from 30% hemp fiber with 5% of the hemp fiber unbleached for appearance. Renewable Hemp contains Wet Strength Alkali (WSA) properties.  Wet strength is suitable for labeling returnable bottles because the paper stays intact during bottle washing, safeguarding machinery from obstruction.

Columbine Label sources our hemp and other paper label materials from manufacturers that have FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. This certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. The FSC Principles and Criteria provide a foundation for all forest management standards globally, including the FSC US National Standard (v1.0) that guides forest management certification in the U.S. Columbine Label sources FSC material and can provide the chain of custody documentation through material vendors.

Renewable Hemp Material Adhesive Properties

Renewable Hemp material with semi-removable properties allows the label to be removable and/or repositionable within 30 minutes of application. The adhesive is fully permanent after three hours. The adhesive is resistant to water and ice bucket immersion which makes this product ideal for labeling wine bottles and spirits, while its outward appearance and quality make it ideal for labeling natural products. (Ice bucket immersion testing is a performance indicator that tests labeled bottles that are immersed in water and/or ice bath for a specified amount of time, however, there is an absence of a standard industry protocol for ice bucket testing, and label products should be tested for specific performance requirements.)

Differentiate Your Products with Renewable Hemp Label Material

With so many products fighting for consumer attention, it is more important than ever to differentiate your products from your competition! If your brand is serious about reducing plastic waste or showing your commitment to a natural product both inside and out, you can show that to your customer by using a natural hemp label material. Both price and shelf appeal matter, but with specially designed renewable hemp material, it doesn’t have to be a tradeoff. Renewable Hemp label material can be printed digitally, with no additional printing plates or setup, which translates to a lower price tag! For additional color enhancements, use white ink in your art file.

Learn more about Renewable Hemp Labels to leverage your brand by requesting a quote. You can also visit our page on sustainability.