Bacchus Wine labels expertly made by Columbine Label with the Textured Ink technology.

The Look That You Can FEEL!

Sensory marketing

While previous marketing efforts relied heavily on price, feature, and utility, modern consumer loyalty depends on reaching the customer through emotion and life experiences. Sensory Marketing is an advertising strategy used to appeal to one or more of the five human senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste) to elicit emotional association, and gain trust.

Since eyes contain 2/3 of sensory cells in sighted individuals, the most common of the five senses marketers use to appeal to the customer is the sense of sight. Color theory is a study on the personality and psychological effects of various colors and color shades that affect consumers (orange and yellow give the feeling of hunger, and white is associated with pure and clean, etc.). Font types, size, space, and placement produce a style that helps to create meaning and evoke emotion. Studies show that people rely on emotions to make brand decisions, rather than information; emotional responses are more influential on a person’s intent to buy.

Digital TextureD Ink – “Textures by Domino”

Textured Ink

According to Domino Printing Sciences, research has shown that a brand’s impact increases by 30% when more than one sense is engaged in the packaging design. With the Domino web press, digitally enhanced texture effects will add dimension to your label to create not only a visually striking product but one that will add quality by appealing to the touch through tactile embellishments. With the Domino label press, texture effects are generated digitally beginning with the art file. This makes the printing and embellishment process faster and more agile than other embellishment techniques. As well as being in line with Columbine Label’s quick turnaround, this method is more economically feasible for all brands.

    • Textured ink can simulate some emboss effects
    • Textured ink can simulate some spot enhancements
    • Textured ink can simulate some textured material


Textured Ink is Ideal for various markets

Digital ink texture can be produced on films and most gloss papers. Prior to this technology, this type of embellishment was commonly seen on high-end wine, and boutique products. The digital ink texture and tactile effects created on the Domino label press open the opportunity for this aesthetic to all markets.

• Health & Beauty                            • Food

• Beverage                                         • Nutraceutical

• Promotional                                   • And more!

Ink Texture Embellishments; Endless Options Minimal Price Tag

With the current inflation trend in the United States, prices are rising, it is more important than ever before to make every dollar go as far as it can. Both price and shelf appeal matter, but with digital textured ink, it doesn’t have to be a tradeoff. Using other techniques to add texture to a label, such as hot stamping, embossing, or using premium substrates can get pricy in a hurry. Digital textured ink doesn’t require any additional dies or plates, which translates to a lower price tag! Since this method starts in the art department, the texture is customizable. Change your mind from one run of labels to the next? An updated art file is all it takes to make that change!

Learn more about how to use digital texture ink to leverage your brand by requesting a quote.