Orange lip balm label created by Columbine Label Company in front of other lip balms.

Custom Lip Balm Labels: A Guide to Your Label Needs

Consumers base their choice of lip balm on numerous factors, and before their purchase is based on brand loyalty, most people choose their lip balm based on comparing its label and packaging with the look of other products on the shelf. It’s no secret that labels are one of the first parts of the products consumers see, which is why it’s essential that your custom lip balm label has the following characteristics to get noticed and purchased:

1. Attractive Design

Understanding your customer base is the best way to create an attractive label design that will catch and grab their attention. Knowing what appeals to your audience in the form of how your lip balm looks, does it convey the right message about your product and brand. For example, some brands care deeply about using natural and eco-friendly ingredients, their brand tells this story by the natural look of the wood grain label material, and utilizing the color green to convey being “Green”.If a brand has a target audience of men, the lip balm will utilize darker colors with product names that are appealing to that specific persona.

Don’t be afraid to play around with your design and ask trusted people in your life which options they deem the most eye-catching and attractive. It can also be helpful to test out new designs with existing and prospective customers. 

2. Durable Labels

Lip balm is a highly unique self-care product in that it tends to travel everywhere and is contained in places with easy access; pockets, purses, gym bags, cars, etc. For this reason, label durability must be a priority.  Having a durable lip balm label means you can expect the label to remain on the product with clean/clear graphics during its life of typical use. Lip balm labels require a flexible material with an adhesive that keeps the label adhered to, without flagging or lifting.

Durable labels not only make your lip balm look and feel more like a quality product when consumers purchase them, but it also helps to create brand loyalty.

3. Accurate Information

When it comes to labeling beauty products, accuracy matters. The surface of a lip gloss container has very little real estate to convey a lot of information. Your branding (logo), name of your chapstick, net weight, ingredients, warnings, and much more information. In addition, any claims made on the product label must be accurate and true U.S. Food & Drug Administration 

When there is more information than will cleanly fit on the prime label real-estate, it is common for manufacturers to move the drug facts and warnings to an inside layer of an extended text label. Extended text labels are multi-layer labels intended for the consumer to peel back the top layer and reveal additional content and product information.  

You Can Count on Columbine Label for Attractive, Durable, and Accurate Custom Lip Balm Stickers

Columbine Label has a dedicated team of label professionals that can help you with nearly any label project you have. With extended experience producing lip balm labels, our product knowledge and expertise can help you get an attractive durable product to market.

We pride ourselves on putting the customer first, and we strive to solve many of the problems small businesses and large companies face when trying to label their products. If you’d like to learn more about who we are, and how we can help you with your next label printing project, please call us at 303-788-1504 or request a quote today!