Create Eye-Catching Vape Labels

Custom Vape, E-Liquid and E-Juice Labels

Showy Labels. Vape products come in over 7,000 flavors, so how do consumers choose?  Using showy, attention-getting labels is a good start. We have a host of materials to make your metallic look or glossy label “pop”, ink integrity and durability included.
Small Diameters, No Problem.  It’s important that vape labels use the proper adhesive to stick to small diameter containers. Edge lift on the shelf is not cool – from a retailer, brand and FDA regulation perspective — so we help you select the proper materials up front to avoid any type of in-use performance issues.
Multiple SKUs. Many of our vape customers use variable printing to allow professionally printed, quality labels that work across multiple SKUs with the same label look and feel.  We offer combined pricing on multiple SKUs and products.
Columbine Label offers a large variety of unique colors, label sizes, and designed-for-use (small diameters) adhesives for your vape, e-liquid and e-juice labels. Our production flexibility is also well suited to vape labels, offering small quantities for limited batches, large production runs and personalized labels for a specific customer or event. Our signature consistent color management, on-time delivery and vape label expertise ensures you get high-quality labels that meet your vape label needs.

Our Vape Label Applications: An Example Below
(we have more, call us if you don’t see yours here)

Vape, E-Juice, E-Liquid Labels.  Products in this market come in small, round containers, so balancing a stand-out facestock material with the proper flexibility and adhesive staying power are the keys to shelf appeal.