Filled beer and wine glasses on a bar countertop next to the beer taps.

Wine and Beer Labels Printing Design Ideas

As most businesses know, a substantial chunk of creating an enterprise revolves around advertising. A business, no matter what venture it is involved in, should realize the importance of having an aesthetically pleasing and distinct label. The type of wine and beer label that defines the business itself is one that constitutes its standards by setting it apart from the rest.

A label that is simple, recognizable, yet is demonstrative of the craftsmanship and time presupposed in the product’s creation. Labels printing design should reflect quality, for to survive in the business world, grabbing the attention of the consumer is half the undertaking.

A Booming Industry

In terms of competition, the beer and wine industries are difficult sectors to integrate into. From the corporately run, to the private and locally operated vineyard and/or brewery, there is a sizable amount of competition on all rungs of the alcohol industry. In terms of mere observation, there seems to be a large convergence toward local and sustainable micro-breweries and winemakers. By just looking at the supermarket shelf, one can notice the increase in the products of small independent breweries and wineries popping up in practically every state. Each of these breweries/wineries shares a variety of commonalities in terms of process, size, and business model. The most obvious of these is the companies’ labels.

Getting Out There

Since the vast majority of breweries and wineries have not established themselves on a wholly domestic and/or international level (i.e. Anheuser Busch and Livingston Cellars), up-and-coming breweries and wineries must devote significant time and effort to the conception of their label printing design. Getting one’s beer or wine product to not only be seen on the market shelf but purchased requires some significant work.

According to Columbine Label’s blog on label tips: “While price is sometimes a consideration, often, the decision to buy or not to buy is an emotional one.” Therefore, developing a label that pinpoints the ‘feeling’ of the buyer is important to try to emulate.

Some Tips and Ideas for Label Design

Choosing a label design for wine and beer can be a stressful process. Deciding what exactly to place on a label can be tiresome as well as frustrating. So, when developing a label, thinking of the size, color, consistency, conveyed message (word choice) and overall format is a necessity. Avoid complication; keep the label simple and straight to the point. Pick colors that are not overwhelming, yet allow one’s product to stand out, to ‘pop’ off the shelf. Try to think of something (be it visual or written) that defines one’s beer or wine, or the company’s credo.

Be consistent. If one’s business has decided on an appropriate beer or wine label, stick with it. Since it’s a timely process to finally get a product recognized, consistency in terms of label design is extremely important.

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