Meet Moria! Essentially a Colorado native since she was merely two weeks old when her family moved here from California. Moria has lived in Colorado for most of her life, though she has fond memories of a short stint living in New Hampshire as a young child.

Although label printing is new to Moria, she is diving in with both feet. Quickly grasping the inner workings of narrow web printing and what makes Columbine Label a high-quality label printer.

Growing up, she was the youngest of 5 children with the other 4 being boys.  Married for almost 21 years with two teenage children, 2 cats, and 2 dogs. Prior to finding Columbine Label, Moria spent the last year putting her culinary background to use, helping her brother (and his wife) open a tap room in Windsor, Colorado.

While traveling she swam a Cenote in Mexico. Cenotes are natural swimming holes formed when limestone collapses, revealing a hidden pool of water. She says this was one of her favorite experiences. It was lined with bats (which she absolutely loves) and even had a couple of cave spiders, which she avoided at all costs! “Being able to snorkel the cenote and see the formations underneath was one of the most surreal moments I’ve had”, said Moria.  “We even turned all the lights off at one part and were in complete darkness and silence, it was eerie and beautiful.”

When asked how she ended up at Columbine Label, Moria said “I wanted a job that understood work-life balance, something that had variety in the day-to-day tasks but still allowed me to use the customer service skills I have acquired through life”. Upon meeting with Greg, and the team, she determined she would find exactly what she was looking for, including a company that felt more like family than a corporation.

It is no surprise that Moria loves to cook. Outside of Columbine Label, she enjoys fashion, running, hiking, traveling, and spending as much time with her kids and husband as possible. Together her family enjoys board games, movies, or series that interest them all.