Red Cliffs Spiced Rum vintage textured wine stock labels under magnifying glass.

Textured Wine Label Material; Appealing to Your Customers

What do wine connoisseurs look for when deciding on a good quality wine?

Color, smell, the balance between elements, and complexity are all elements of a great wine. You could have the best wine in the world but failing to reflect the quality of your wine with a presentable bottle and unique, beautiful label could lead to that bottle being overlooked. Success at the tasting begins with success on the shelf!

What affects the presentation of a bottle of wine?

Bottles that get purchased last in the store usually have a noticeable flaw or defect in the packaging. An imperfection in the bottle, the closure, or the label. The label may be positioned crooked, adhered with wrinkles, or worse it may be falling off.

And while all these scenarios should be taken into consideration during production, building your brand with a look and feel that is appealing to your consumers is key to getting your wine noticed and purchased.

The appeal to your wine bottle can be accomplished through embossing, foil stamping, special die-cuts, and/or special textured wine stock. Some of the popular textured wine stocks include material that is bright white, cream-colored, or somewhere in-between. The textures also vary from a standard laid finish, linen, vellum, and even smooth.

A list of some textured wine stock products typically available at Columbine Label:

  • Estate #4 – a white laid finishTextured Wine Stocks
  • Estate #9 – a cream-colored laid finish
  • Estate #8 – a bright white vellum finish
  • Felt – 70# bright white felt finish
  • Eggshell – 70# cream colored felt finish
  • Classic Linen – 60# Brilliant White
  • Renewable Hemp – 60# cream color speckled material
  • Natural Kraft – Dark brown fibrous face brown paper bag

Premium specialty options (may require minimums and/or longer lead time)

  • Birch Wood Veneer – *Not for Ice Bucket
  • Cherry Wood Veneer – smooth 100% real-wood veneer with natural grain patterns and natural defects *Not for Ice Bucket
  • Black Vellum – 60# black vellum
  • Black Velvet – 155# Smooth Velvety black material with tactile effect


In addition to the look and feel of wine stocks, the materials have additional properties that enhance your brand’s sustainability.

Wet Strength

Wet strength is a property that increases label performance in moist environments by providing resistance to tearing and shriveling. Wet strength is also important in recycling wine bottles. Wet strength helps keep the label intact during the washout part of the recycling process. This means that the label can be fully removed without leaving behind scrap pieces that would interfere with the glass being recycled.

Water-Soluble Adhesive

The water-soluble adhesive is a specially formulated adhesive that makes the removal of the label clean. To remove labels from wine bottles, immerse the bottle in hot water (100-110 degrees F) for about 30 seconds after which the label, along with adhesive, will peel right off.

FSC – Forest Stewardship Council

The Forest Stewardship Council is a government program that ensures sustainable forest management. Promoting and driving responsible management and procedures toward sustainable use, conservation, restoration, and respect for all.

Recycled Content

Label stock with recycled content is made wholly, or in part, with pre-consumer waste, or post-consumer waste.

In addition to adding appeal to the look and feel of your wine bottle label, textured wine stocks also add a sustainable value that is important to consumers.

Learn more about textured wine labels to leverage your brand by requesting a quote today!