With thousands of variations on custom shapes, sizes and materials, we help you overcome your labeling challenges. We know you need a label that not only looks great but communicates your high brand quality. Our ability to help you make decisions on label size, shape, and material sets us apart from our competition. If you’re looking to get your brand noticed with a high-quality label, look no further than Columbine Label Company.

Label Application Types

Digital Printing

Digital printing offers economical options with consistent, high quality color matching

Flexographic Printing

If your label printing job requires large quantities or two-sided printing like coupon labels, we’ll likely suggest Flexographic printing

Custom Labels

In the label business, one size does not fit all! That’s why at Columbine Label, we offer nearly endless possibilities for specialty labels and custom labels.

Foil Stamped Printing

To make your product stand out on the shelf, this may be the answer! We offer a wide range of exciting metallic, special pattern, and holographic labels

Extended Text Labels

Extended text labels are the perfect solution for products with smaller packaging as well as products that must provide government-mandated information. You can overcome space constraints with multi-layer labels.

Coupon Labels

Coupon labels are a multi-layer construction designed to be an instant redeemable coupon (IRC) or take-away coupon (for example, rebates)

Embossed Printing

Why use an embossed label? Embossing adds texture and dimension to a specific element on your product’s label by raising the lettering or graphic image

Laminated Labels

Laminated Labels coating or lamination protects the surface of your label from scuffing, while protecting your graphics (your branding). This also protects the label from the elements and product spills.

Waterproof Labels

Most of our customers requiring a “waterproof” label for their products are looking for a label that can withstand moist conditions like condensation.