Fiery Food Labels Are Hot, Hot, Hot!

Our fiery food customers know that their product labels are just as hot as the ingredients inside. 

Why is that? According to one source, 93% of consumers ranked a product’s visual appearance as the most important factor in selection for purchase. Thus, in spicy, fiery food products, labels also need to be hot, hot, hot.

As a proud sponsor of the annual Scovie Awards, which herald the tastiest spicy food products, Columbine Label is also a proud producer of many fiery food labels. Just as concocting the perfect spicy food recipe takes experience, tenacity, on-going quality, and attention to the details, there are many behind-the-scenes factors that are essential to making a top notch, stand out fiery food label.

What Makes Visual Appeal?

Winning fiery food products leverage the major sway of their product label’s eye-appeal. 

Leading the charge in a product’s visual appearance is color, as a reported 85% of consumer perceptions and decisions are swayed by color.

Colors activate our perceptions and, in consumer minds, craft specific ideas about a product’s attributes, then believed as “fact”. It’s neuroscience. Optimizing the color and aesthetic characteristics of a fiery food label can alter consumer perception of product quality, taste, smell and safety.

The Hottest Colors

In the mind of consumers, colors evoke emotions.  Fortunately, the colors that bode well in consumer perceptions are often the colors that also represent “heat” (red, yellow) and “healthy (green) and are often used in fiery food label designs. For example:

Impulse Drives Purchase

Consumers like us, it turns out, are impulsive shoppers.  Retail selections, both online and in-store, are driven by impulse, to the tune of 67% of purchases. Thus, it is fiery food labels, together with shelf location, which are the primary vehicles to product selection.  Of those two, labels are the one we can collectively optimize.

Visual impulse decisions are made at lightning fast speed. One source reports that impulsive consumer-buying decisions are made in less than eight seconds. Within a slim window of mere seconds, fiery food labels determine whether a product is purchased – or not.

At Columbine Label, we take this label responsibility very seriously. We celebrate the standout labels that our fiery food customers design, use and trust us to produce for them. 

If you are a fiery food aficionado, we hope you’ll follow along and/or enter the Scovie Awards to celebrate this delicious category of spicy food items.

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