Jeff Klocke Sales Representative at Columbine Label Company with his wife.

Employee Spotlight: Jeff Klocke

Jeff Klocke on Knowing the sign of a good label

When Jeff joined Columbine Label Company in 2016 as a sales representative, he says, “The role called upon my strengths in the right environment.” He had found his calling.

Indeed, all of Jeff Klocke’s work experiences up to that point served as skill-set steppingstones to his career with Columbine Label.

Doing business with a pro

His brief stint at a commercial offset print company in his early 20s was foundational and foreshadowed his professional future. Owning his own window and gutter service company gave him first-hand insights into being a business owner. Working in sales in a death care business, while not the right career fit for him, helped Jeff strengthen his gift for connecting with people.

It was his experience as a sales manager for a large sign company, however, that gave him the expertise and insights to excel in the custom label printing industry. “Labels are small signs for your product,” explains Jeff. “Like the sign industry, consumer packaged goods companies have a limited amount of time to get our attention with their label.”

“When you’re driving down the road, signs that are big, bright, and professional will stand out. If you’re walking down an aisle in the grocery store, the products with labels that jump out at you and look professional are the ones you will most likely notice and buy.”

Jeff notes that consumers all want to do business with professional companies. If a product’s label (or signage) is subpar, buyers are turned off.

Collaborating, problem-solving

In addition to using his keen understanding of the power of product labels, Jeff likes to collaborate with the Columbine Label team to offer customers the best solutions for their needs. “I love solving problems and helping customers add value to their business,” Jeff says. “We have a team with so much talent under one roof, it’s a great team to be a part of. By working together, we’re able to develop long-term partnerships with our customers. They become part of the Columbine Label family.”

Easing pain points

As a sales representative, Jeff says keeping customers happy comes down to how much pain they are in and how he can them resolve it. “I try to make things painless for them.” He adds, “Our customers want consistently high-quality labels. And they’re always facing deadlines. They need a print partner who listens to them and provides the right solutions.”

Mastering industry idiosyncrasies

Jeff’s industry niches at Columbine Label include contact with purveyors of craft beer, wine, THC, and CBD in Colorado, California, and as far as Maine. Each industry, and area, has its own distinctive requirements and regulations that Jeff makes a point to master. Craft beer labels, among many other things, have regional laws for labeling. Forgoing important messages, nutritional info, or otherwise could have large impacts on the business served.

“CBD is a growing market segment and shrink sleeve is very popular with these products,” observes Jeff. “Players in both CBD and THC are looking for ways to set themselves apart.” Because Columbine Label offers custom and specialty printing capabilities, such as silver and metallic labels, foiling, and custom dies, they can help customers add pizzazz to their labels to achieve that goal.

For Jeff Klocke and Columbine Label Company, that’s a sure sign of success.