Scott LaFrance Columbine Label Account Manager on a fishing adventure holding a fish.

Employee Spotlight: Scott LaFrance

Scott LaFrance, a Colorado native and chocolate connoisseur, has joined the Columbine Label team as an account manager. Not only is Scott a true Colorado native, but you are also working with someone who has previously won “Best Fudge in Colorado” a whopping FIVE times while working with his mother in the family’s candy company. Born and raised in Westminster, earned his bachelor’s degree in business and administration from the University of Colorado Denver.

Scott is a problem solver. A lover of all genres of music (only the good stuff), and a mechanically inclined individual who loves working with his hands, sometimes helping on a ranch, building computers, working on cars and motorcycles, and even helping family and friends with home remodeling and landscape projects.

“I am putting ALL my knowledge and skills to use to be an effective account manager for Columbine Label, doing my best to find practical solutions for the needs of any company”, says Scott, “whether that is something we will provide for them, or I turn them in the direction of another provider that I know will be better suited for their needs”.

His first car was an 87 Cadillac Fleetwood, and he aspires to build one in the coming years (might build it to be electric). He is SCUBA certified, loves fishing, video games, trying new food, reading, hiking, crocheting, canoeing, cooking, volunteering, relaxing, and spending time with his wife (a medical assistant) and two cats. “Someday I’d like to retire to the Oregon coast, or Japan to fish/crab”, says Scott, “although going back to school just to learn new and interesting topics is appealing”. His favorite subjects are biological anthropology, psychopharmacology, and biological basis psychology.

As a previous freight broker for both small and large trucking companies, freight was fun but really wanted to do something new and wanted to look for a change of pace. Constantly learning new skills is appealing to Scott. “I always want to learn something new, and always be doing something different every day, and Columbine Label provides just that”, he says. “Every account is unique in their needs and the products they produce and I’m learning something new every single day!”.