A selection of white label nutraceutical products waiting for a new brand.

Customer Spotlight: White Label

Meeting the demands of on-demand printing

If hashtags are any indication of a company’s priorities, White Label isn’t messing around: they’re #onamission. As a large and growing direct-to-consumer fulfillment and private label services provider based in Denver, CO, White Label picks, packs, and ships products seven days a week. Clearly, they are on a mission to meet the demanding needs of on-demand customers, where timely delivery is of the essence and quality packaging can influence repeat orders.

The private label services side of the business includes approximately 30 SKUs, from nutritional supplements for people and pets to cosmetics and CBD products, with fulfillment volume ranging anywhere from 50,000 up to 350,000 per week. That requires a label print provider that can keep up with turnaround time and quality.

Fast, but flexible

“Columbine Label is always on speed dial,” jokes Nathan T., supply chain manager with the company. “Our volumes change from week to week, but Columbine Label is very flexible, and they understand the nature of our business.” White Label appreciates the standard three-day lead time, but whenever they’re in a time crunch, Nathan values the extra service Columbine Label can provide. “The customer service team is amazing. They can make things happen at lightning speed!”

Solving sticky situations

The expertise and solutions Columbine Label brings are equally important in supporting the company’s mission. For example, a common issue in on-demand fulfillment is un-labeling excess inventory for new label applications. Without the right labels, the removal process can leave a sticky, stubborn adhesive residue. “We had been experiencing quite a mess in our un-labeling process,” Nathan explains. “We were on a tour of the Columbine Label facility and mentioned the problem. Right away they showed us a label alternative made of a film rather than paper that would solve the problem. Now old labels come off clean and easy.”

Nathan says Columbine Label was also able to get them out of a bind recently with a client that was launching a new product. “They wanted to feature their product with a shrink sleeve label in a video blog, but our other print provider couldn’t help,” he explains. “Columbine Label was able to develop a shrink sleeve mockup in time for our client to use in their video product launch.”

Six-star rated 

How would White Label rate the service they receive from Columbine Label? “I give them a five-star rating across the board without a doubt,” says Nathan. “If there was such a thing as a six-star rating, I would give it to them. The amount of service and expertise they provide is absolutely invaluable to our business.” #missionaccomplished