Customer Spotlight: Tony’s Meats & Market Bye-bye, inefficient in-house printing.

Like many companies that have printed their own product labels in-house, Tony’s Meats & Market determined the labor- and time-intensive task they had been handling for years was better left to the experts. 

That led Tony’s to Columbine Label, their business neighbor located just down the street from their main office, and to finally retire their in-house thermal printer for good.

In the beginning

Established in 1978 as a butcher shop, located off Dry Creek in Centennial Colorado, Tony’s Meats & Market now operates four full-service deli locations in the Denver area offering fresh meats, seafood, cheeses, fresh produce, prepared and frozen foods, baked goods, and catering services. 

For years, the business had been printing all of the labels for their private label and commissary items. “We spent an exorbitant amount of time every day producing labels,” explains Jessica Wolford, Marketing Manager at Tony’s. “We would wind the labels on the cores ourselves and send to our store locations. It was completely inefficient and unsustainable.”

Hello, efficiency and service

Seeking a better solution, Wolford turned to Columbine Label who had done a job or two for them in the past. Columbine customer support representative Jennifer Adams recalls: “I got an email from Jessica explaining that their in-house capabilities were becoming obsolete. She said they loved working with us in the past and wanted quotes for all their label needs.” 

Being located blocks from each other was a big plus. Wolford says Adams personally drops off orders and picks up samples, helping them save on delivery costs. “But their customer service is really what won us over. Jennifer returns our messages immediately. She has become an amazing resource for us.”

Tony’s Meats & Market now orders all of its labels through Columbine. Printing in-house is a distant memory.  “Thanks to Jennifer’s recommendations, we streamlined our label sizes and increased our print runs to make the process more efficient and cost-effective,” states Wolford. “She also works closely with our designer to select the best label material for our needs.” 

A true partnership

“It’s so gratifying to help a local business improve the way they work,” states Adams. “We value our partnership with Tony’s.” The feeling is mutual. Wolford says, “We just love working with Columbine Label. They’re fast, efficient and we get a level of customer service that you won’t find with a giant printer or online, faceless print provider.” A resounding endorsement any way you slice it.