Employee Spotlight: Alissa Evans

Hello (and goodbye) to our one-of-a-kind Office Manager

If you want to become fast friends with the office manager at Columbine Label Company, Alissa Evans, bring your dog with you on your next visit. She’ll be happy to see you, too, of course, but Alissa says she always enjoys it when clients bring their furry friends to the office to pick up an order or meet with a sales rep. It gives her a daily “dog fix” when she is away from Gracie, her rescue Miniature Dachshund.

But it’s not just the occasional four-legged visitors that make Columbine Label a pleasant place to work for Alissa. As office manager for 25 years, Alissa handles all of the company’s accounting functions, answered phones, and assists President Greg Jackson wherever and whenever needed.

Caution: fun at work

Alissa’s wide-ranging responsibilities give her a unique opportunity to interact with customers as well as staff which keeps her job interesting. “The day is filled with doing invoices and answering the phones, but every phone call and every invoice is different. It’s not boring to me at all!” she explains. And, she says, even though she and co-workers spend a lot of time together at work, “we don’t mind going out for dinner after work or taking in a comedy show every once in a while. We have fun at work!”

Alissa finds the industry itself keeps the work stimulating. “The printing process is always changing and if you’re up to it, you can learn something new every day.”

A giving place

Alissa also serves as the company’s unofficial social director which has provided some of the most rewarding experiences for her at Columbine Label. “Every Christmas, we take part in Adopt-a-Family and over the past several years, we have had 100 percent participation. Greg matches what we collect and then we go shopping for the families,” she explains. “We place everything we purchased in the lunchroom so everyone can see how far the money went. It fills up the lunchroom! I love that we are doing something as a company that helps a family, or several families, in need and making so many wishes come true. It warms my heart when I can call the agency and ask for more families or individuals because we collected so much money.  I just love this tradition! I will certainly do this at my next job.”

A new chapter down under

What’s this about Alissa’s ‘next job’, you ask? A huge loss for the Columbine Label family, but an exciting opportunity for her, Alissa will be pulling up the stakes and moving to Australia with her husband this summer. “The company my husband works for is expanding to Australia and since our kids are both grown and graduated from college, we figured it was a good time for an adventure!”

A long-time resident of Colorado, Alissa says she is looking forward to seeing what living in Australia is like, living close to the beach, and hopefully mastering the ability to drive on the “wrong side” of the road seated on the “wrong side” of the car. But no matter where Alissa goes, she is sure to make friends (or “mates” as the Aussies say). “I have heard that Australians are very friendly, so I’m looking forward to making many new friends.” Especially if they have dogs. Gracie, too, will be making the move down under! 

Giving our best to the best

As she moves on to the next chapter in her life in June, it’s unclear who will miss who more. While she highly praises her co-workers and the positive company culture, Alissa can be credited with making Columbine Label feel like family and a place to call home. We will miss her institutional knowledge, varied skills, social planning, and especially her famous banana bread.

For her part, Alissa says “I will miss my friends at Columbine Label the most.  I have been here for so long that coming to work is familiar and easy. The work environment is comfortable and inviting and I will miss that as well.” She also leaves behind her love of Colorado. “I will miss the four seasons, as well as snow at Christmas time, and all of the ‘traditional’ winter activities during the holiday season.” Alissa, you are welcome back any time!